Monday, September 26, 2011

The Grower's Daughter 2nd Annual Vintage Tag Sale

Click photo to view invite.

The Grower's Daughter is hosting it's second annual Vintage Tag Sale!

See the invitation for details and please feel free to email me for more information.

I've spent the year assembling a collection of the most beautiful finds: Aged Ironstone, Rustic Furnishings, Industrial Decor and other Salvaged Finds.

This year's sale has a little bit of everything and a ton of treasures.

There are some great little shops in the area to browse, countless wineries to visit, as well as the Annual Thanksgiving Shows happening at Balls Falls Conservation Area and Vineland Public School being held the same weekend, so it's the perfect day to come down!

We'll also have our Flower Market full of Fall Garden Decor and gorgeous Seasonal Bouquets, as well as our Cafe where you can grab a freshly brewed coffee and something sweet!

See you there!


  1. If only kansas was a bit closer to canada id be there in a heartbeat! But ill settle for lots of great pictures instead : ) i hope it goes great!

  2. Oh how I wish I lived closer...from the photos on your's going to be amazing. had asked me in your comment about the little cup in my photo...if you mean the numbered one, I purchased it from Anthropologie, but unfortunately they no longer carry them.

  3. Oh, I have so wanted to come to one of your sales since you posted about it last year! Unfortunately, baby #3 is one month old this week and we just relocated to Kingston, so I will very sadly be missing it. Please post photos for those of us that can't attend and hopefully, I can make the next one!
    Have fun and much success! Maybe some of us will get lucky with etsy offerings from what does not sell??? :)
    Have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend,

  4. Tons of treasures? Sounds like a place I want to be.


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